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  • What is Som Tum? I will tell you what it is. It is not a new trick for skin care lotion. It is not a magic pill that blend decency would seem fabricated young and beautiful. The secret of great skin people from East Asia have known for years. And yet, it is easy to obtain and make easily. What is a green somtum papaya salad bowl.

  • The people of Thailand and Laos are eating various versions of this dish for ages and has proven to be effective. Google any current Thai actress and you'll see how beautiful is the skin. The key ingredient for a fair complexion is proper nutrition. By adding this wonderful food at every meal your side will be reaping great benefits. Some people have been known to eat it as a part of any meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Why is it so good for your skin Som tum? Has strong antioxidant and it is very important for the leaching of toxins from your body.

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