Rain in BOllywood

Blue sky cries in the rain!
These two lovebirds romance in the rain!
It rains on them, as somebody sprinkles water on petals, full-bloomed.
Masti in the rain!
The happiness, they are feeling, remains unknown. The type of agony, they are suffering from, remains unrecognized, and the lovers themselves remain never satisfied.
It rains, and the rain Romeos go on making love, never saturated.
Rain gives her that comfort, what she had been looking for.
Now she looks quite content letting the rain to fall and fall endlessly.
Raindrops glitter on her bare shoulder as the diamonds, scattered on the land, dazzle when sun shines. She wants to kiss them all, but she can’t still she waits for that miracle to happen in her life.
One umbrella, millions of raindrops!
Two lovers, and their endless desires!
Heavy rain, the horizon looks mystic. They are on the way in search of that destiny; they know nothing about that. But it seems they won’t be feared to commit mistake because the rain and the dangerous closeness between them.
Rain plays bare-dare game with the lady, exposing her body immensely.
Rain drops, and it breaks into droplets on her milky red skin.
Her lips are under rain-drenched hair as the sky is under raining cloud. So both oozes to woo.
Many people around her, still she is alone.
She can’t enjoy the rain, but she can identify her pain with the sky cries in the rain.
When someone feels her existence itself has come under threat, she just can’t stay quiet. She comes out with a lightning sky over her head. At that time neither the sky nor the lady nobody knows whether to storm out or rain, simply.

They were returning to their home, and it started raining suddenly.
They were not prepared for that. But for the first time they got enough reasons to romance for long.
As the rain slips into their sleeves, the lovers rushed to face yet another heavy lightning to erase the distance, still exists in between them.
How long it takes to drizzle on them? Temptation is there, but it happens only at the end of the game.
May be the two brave-hearted lovers hug each other on the street, endless; but there is certain limitation of their own.
They kiss with the backdrop of sweet rain. Temptation is irresistible. But they are cautious enough to finish the game before it really drizzles within. Because it

The hot duo takes a sensational bath under the sky, showers rain.
The lovers sizzle, as the waters roll on.
They breathe the air, whispers. They satiate the desire, water ignites.

What is the hue of rain? White, bluish white or whitish blue? Nothing, it is purely romantic! Have you ever tasted it? Sweet, salty or acidic? Wonderfully erotic!
Have you ever heard the sound, while it dribbles on a virgin rose? To be pragmatic, it is simply heart breaking!
Have you ever smelled the air, while the rain falls on the dried land, and the land soaks drop after drop like a blotting paper? To be honest it is slightly titillating!


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