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Jennifer Walcott

Jennifer Walcott was born on May 8, 1977, in Youngstown, Ohio. Before she had dreams of becoming one of Hugh Hefner's bunny, Walcott was a dedicated ballet dancer. At the age of 3, she fell in love with the art and trained at top schools for 10 years. Also a talented writer, Jennifer showed promise as a poet after one of her poems won a statewide Reader's Digest contest.

Involved in Brownies and other community organizations through elementary and high school, Walcott shaped up to be a multi-talented student. While exceeding academically, she became a cheerleader and, after giving up on ballet, realized modeling could become an exciting hobby. Though she lacked the height to be a runway model, Jennifer soon concluded that, somehow, she would make it in the industry.

Graduating from Lowellville High School in 1995, Jennifer went cross country to visit her boyfriend, who had recently moved to Los Angeles. Realizing that the West Coast was the place to be for potential models, Walcott returned to Youngstown, packed her bags and drove all the way back to California.

Initially, Jennifer had it rough. She worked two jobs to pay her bills and enrolled at Santa Monica College in business. One night, while relaxing at a sports bar, however, her luck improved. A producer of FOX Sports West's Big Show noticed her and offered her a position on the program. Without hesitation, Jennifer took the job, which lasted for a year.

This initial exposure led to modeling with California Extreme, a sportswear company. Three and a half years after first moving to L.A., Jennifer's career was looking up.

In fact, just before leaving for Chicago to live temporarily with her ailing grandmother, she attended the Midsummer's Night Dream Party at the Play..boy mansion, thanks to an invitation from a friend. At the mansion, Walcott was able to make connections with several "in" people.

Returning to Los Angeles in 2001, Jennifer received her very own invite to Play..boy's Valentine's Party. There, she met Hugh Hefner and, of course, he was smitten. Hef made her Miss August 2001, and from there, Jennifer's career took off. Through Play..boy connections and her affiliation with the sporting Play..boy Extreme Team, she appeared on episodes of Wild On…, Russian Roulette (on the Game Show Network), Street Smarts and MTV Cribs. The latter job led to her co-hosting MTV Spring Break 2002.

She continued to show up on TV, most notably on Weakest Link, Dog Eat Dog and Ripley's Believe it or Not. Modeling-wise, Jennifer did covers for Iron Man, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Physical as well as a Bacardi ad.

She was featured in Play..boy's 2003 calendar and could also be seen in Stun magazine and a Flirt catalogue.Proving to be a real workaholic, Jennifer bounced from print modeling to two videos for Play..boy: Barefoot Beauties and Play..boy Hot Lips, Hot Legs. When not living the high life with fellow bunnies at the famous mansion, Walcott continues to pose for magazines and audition for TV hosting roles.


Sexy Bollywood babes cover their assets

We present to you some more of such Bollywood hotties who have very subtly or smartly covered their assets. Of course by assets we don’t mean the financial ones but the physical ones. So don’t get confused considering it’s the time of the year when individuals have just filed their tax-returns. Ironically these Bollywood babes only earn more revenues by covering these assets.

Mallika Sherawat continues to make news for her global ‘exposure’. What we mean here is that she is exposing for a Hollywood film – Hisssss where she plays a snake woman. In the latest picture released from the working stills of the film, Mallika Sherawat is wearing nothing on her upper half and is hiding her assets behind the long tresses of her hair. So while posing topless, she very smartly also covers her assets to avoid any censor trouble.

Aruna Shields posed nude for liberal runtime of the film Mr Singh Mrs Mehta where she plays a muse for a painter who is going through artistic block. Here she covers her assets while posing in the classic Titanic pose.

Barbara Mori went topless for the film Kites where she covered her assets behind Hrithik Roshan. Unfortunately the clip did not make it to the Indian version of the film disappointing the audiences. At least there could have been something that the audiences would have looked up to in the film.

Check Vidya Balan, not outside but inside the frame. Covering her assets behind fur she strikes the sexiest pose ever with a graceful topless shot. The Vidya outside the frame and the one inside is quite a contrast.

A satin pillow just complements the silky body of Ameesha Patel. Some things will always be close to your heart.

Mughda prefers the classic striptease pose which Demi Moore made famous more than a decade back. The card in her hand symbolizes she is playing strip poker.

You can’t call her couch potato by any means but Deepika strikes a lively pose in her living room.

There seems to be something fishy about Sherlyn Chopra. But then who’s complaining?

Sherlyn Chopra strikes an Outrageous topless pose for her music album of the same title.

Perhaps chocolate was never put to better use. Kareena Kapoor strikes a saucy pose while promoting a chocolate fragrance soap.

Ke$ha Talks Britney Spears, Justin Bieber

Still getting used to being in the spotlight where everything she says is written down or recorded, Ke$ha is making a few apologies.For starters, her song “Styrofoam,” that was leaked online recently, has a line that says, “In ten years, Britney Spears….Britney, who?”

Attempting to clear the air on that one, the 25-year-old claims “Just to clarify, I didn’t write that bit and that was from when I was fifteen- and there’s a reason that song’s not on my record. I have to admit now I do regret ever singing that because I have mad respect for her.”

In another instance, Ke$ha made a joke about break-out star Justin Bieber in a recent interview with Maxim.Tweeting her apologies to him later, she wrote, “dear justin b i am so sorry if my bad joke has hurt your feelings.u r obviously so talented and i would never mean to offend u. i think u r rad.”


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